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Missing Persons Investigations

Our Missing Person investigations will focus on a person that has disappeared and our clients are unable to pinpoint the whereabouts of the individual.  We will try to confirm the location of this individual. We are experienced in these investigations wether the individual is alive or deceased.  We are always respectful and cognizant of any case that law enforcement may be actively investigating.  We will offer our services while remaining mindful of the importance of not disrupting or hampering a law enforcement agencies investigation.   

We are aware that many individuals that are considered Missing.  May or may not want to be found.  If a legal adult is located and acknowledges that he or she is not in danger and is in good physical and mental health.  A individual may request that his or her location not be revealed.  We will adhere to this request.  This information is provided to all of our clients before we begin our investigation.

Missing Persons Investigation
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