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We our Legal Courier Services in Colleton, Darlington, Fairfield, Florence, Kershaw, Lee, Lexington. Richland and Sumter Counties.

Legal Courier Services

Package Delivery

There are times that you are your staff may need a document delivered or retrieved in a expeditious and secure manner.   T R Kennedy can deliver or pick up most items for your agency or firms.  This includes, legal documents, mail items, messages, and small packages.  We will retrieve South Carolina Collision Reports from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV).


You can trust our courier with sensitive and private information. 


T R Kennedy Process servers work with, and transport legal documents daily, therefore are familiar with how to handle sensitive information. We provide confidential services while serving papers and will never reveal any personal details. 


How can our Courier Service help you?


Many larger shipping companies do not offer pickup and delivery for personalized small packages.  A large shipping company may be more can expensive and less cost effective.  T R Kennedy can deliver for you at a reasonable cost. 

How much does a courier cost?


Contact our office for a quote?  

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